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I am currently getting stuck at the screen after you type in your login information that says "Connecting". Cant move past it.

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I am getting the same.


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It took over 5 minutes but it eventually connected.

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Yeah, it eventually logged in for me as well, though it seems laggier than usual.


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having same problem.....
are you guys on mac?

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Same problem, i'm under linux and since 12 min i'm in connecting screen :(

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Same problem on Windows also.

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I'm getting that same problem.


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If you wait long enough it works

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Looks like I have the problem now. Windows XP here, had no problems 7 or 8 hours ago when I played but I'm now getting the "Connecting..." screen, after 7mins 30secs I get a "Connection failed" message.

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I get this from time to time (I'm on a Mac). It (nearly) always goes through if you wait long enough, but the 'Connection Failed' is a Timeout. You just need to quit and re-log.

It is almost certainly down to local uplink speeds, and will vary according to the amount of traffic locally. It is usually worse on Friday night+weekends.


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