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This was Mistatey's idea (I came up w/ the silly title) and I think it's a good one.....the idea, not the title :)

Idea is each week we will pick a region and dig mats there to advance our craft. But we hate to see the XP wasted so if anyone wants to advance their forage, especially in the 200-250 range, come join the BBB.

Ya show up and pop nodes and one or more Master Foragers will dig ya pops.....usualy you'll get 1512 XP for each node we dig.

Come one come all...... Master Diggers all the way to new diggers.

We're doing this whenever we are on, unless tied up in the rare boss hunt or other activity..... so if ya see our lite's on in friends list, more often than not, that's where we are. Send a PM f ya wanna join ....... send a PM if ya wanna dig others pops and I will edit this post to add ya name. If ya want to do certain days only, advise accordingly.

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What's being worked on and when:

-FyrosFreddy (250 all regions) digging Jool Mats in Forest (GoC)
Evenings (After 7PM EST) and Weeekends

-Azad (250 Desert / 250 Forest / 160 Jungle) digging Shield Mats in Jungle (Void)
Later Afternoon & Evenings Weekdays / Weekends

-Misatey (250 All Regions) digging Jool Mats in Forest (GoC)

-Soloreaper (250 Jungle / 240 PR) digging LA Mats in Jungle (Void)

-Hechicera (250 all regions) digging HA Mats in PR.

-Swiz (210 PR / 210 Desert) digging Jool Mats in Flaming Forest / PR

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Can someone join though harvesting levels are below 200-250?

My highest harvest skills are 132 Desert region and 77 Lake Region. I do Amps, shields, and jools (my highest craft skill). I'm of neutral standing. My closest PR TP is kara-Nexus, which I used to enter PR when NB was around to help collect PR mats. The regions you posted don't include desert or lake regions (my luck), but I wouldn't mind taking advantage of harvesting PR (58), or any region really. Even if I get to do it once, learning where to find the mats in any region is helpful.

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We dig 250 regions cause thats the mats we are using for crafting but ya get the same XP whether you are level 1 or level 200. All are welcome.....we will be moving around from place to place each week. I am sure we will get a few desert / lakes peeps signed up soon.

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I would like to join, but I dont have any 250 TP's. I'm currently digging in Enchanted Isle Q200 region.


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If you are neutral and have the Heretics Hovel Kara tp you can just walk through the portal to Loria to dig Q250. Lots of safe spots on the lake's edge just keep an eye out for Fijoo. If you see yelo dots gathering in compass prolly a good time to look for him and head for the lake.


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I know that. I dont have almost any TP's since I didnt trek yet.


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Finish up to 200 in EI..... the walk from HH isn't a picnic and Slucer / Fijoo can make ya life miserable.

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The walk from Kara tp or portal to HH is super easy to the lake. Kami tp is a pita for sure.


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It's supoer easy perhaps for you and me ...... I come from Kami HH TP to level my lakes forage from 200 t 250 that way ...... But I had memorized the route, had speed 6, MPA 6 and still died the first few times I did it from making wrong turns.

But in this instance we are talking here about a brand new character, just weeks old and < 35 in melee and magic skills making that run. Getting past the cuttlers, torbies, making the "correct" left and managing not to run into the banditos will make those first few runs quite challenging at his current levels.


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I said if you're neutral it's easy. HH kara is a neutral tp. If you go through the portal getting to the lake is simple. Half of thr distance is an abandoned op with zero aggro.After which there are several paths to the lake you could drive a zamboni through to resurface the ice in winter with no aggro.


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Oops, sorry, I missed the neutral part .... but still I felt Lakes was the most difficult from 200-250. Kind aamde uo for EI for being so ridiculously easy (boring). These are in order of how easy I thot they were:

Jungle - Plenty of good dig spots by both TP's, don't think I died once from aggro. Bajam walked by a lot when I switched to Kara TP but never bothered me once.

Forest - GoC by Sap Suckers camp, next to Void, easiest of em all.

Desert - The friendly tribe in FF and the area by Timmies is relatively aggro free.

Lakes - This depends of course on what you are diging, but the presence of not one but two "nameds" (Fijoo and Slucer) walking thru as well as the wandering torbies had me running the most. The lake made it easy not to get deaded by the torbs but usually didn't get that far with the nameds.


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im up for joining a dig team sometime :)
im master in desert
201 jungle
127 pr
62 forest
86 lakes

i have mainly been doing jool mats in desert and ammo in void.
Im concentrating on lvling pr dig atm but happy to go whatever really if not eating plod burgers or helping guildys


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Would it be possible to post a schedule so we know when each region will be dug. If thats not possible, can you post what region is currently being dug?

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IMO a channel would be good.. so people can know exactly where digs are going on just by loggin on to the channel. What say?
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