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Outposts is the content that is promoted as the end game type, involving lots of players, encouraging them to consolidate and cooperate together, collecting gear, doing diplomatic talk when needed. For this kind of content the 1 hour duration is too short. Run from a TP, 15 minutes of action, wipe, rez, "We are done". Why? "No time for another try, sorry". Verrry entertaining.]]>
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attends la langue pendante...

et dire que c'est le ring qui m'a attiré sur Ryzom....

j'ai hâte :)]]>
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Now, my negativety, (lol),

I helped a tiny tiny bit on testing it before, when it was being developed on Yubo server. I went on one episode with two in team. after 1 1/2 hrs, i got tired and suggested there be a waypoint, or save point, or portal opened when you reach a certain point, but I seemed to get shot down. It made me a bit upset because it gave me a negative attitude going in when doing the rite after it was finished. I knew it was going to be long. I suggested that some in a "team" might not be able to continue and then what? Do it again for an hour the next night and not finish? That just doesn't work. It was suggested to me that Rangers who do the rite and pass will help others doing it for the first time and make it faster. In fact some of the Devs said they could do it in an 1 1/2 hrs. (Excuse me, but that's because they already know the way!)


Come on. When something new comes to Ryzom, I like to enjoy it and explore a bit and discover it on my own. That is what makes this game so much fun for me. I love exploring. Not to have people show me the way.

As it was, when finally doing the actual rite after it was finished, the person I did the rite with had to hurry me up because she had to leave soon. I don't blame that person, but I did get tired by the time I got to the dig camps and just told her to show me where the dig spots are and had her dig them since it would have taken me much longer to find them as we had already spent about 3 1/2 hrs into it. She was sorry for me for having to rush it. But I understood. If I had half a day, I suppose I could have enjoyed it more, but who can expect that of people to have that much time in one setting? Let alone a team??? (btw, I asked her not to tell me the way or anything unless I asked)

There has to be a better way to break it up into smaller pieces. That is all I am saying, please! There has to be a way to save a spot, or have a respawn point or something where the number 1 camp is or something so you can return later?]]>
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But I am sure of total failure when "improvements" consists in "fight" (lutte) against the playstyle of fellow players and crusade against their way to play and enjoy the game. Personally, I would leave the game when alt interaction were banned, and I am sure not few others would do as well.

F2p (or freemium) cannot do everything. They have but one mektoub (mount), cannot access guild or room inventories.

The limits you are citing are partially apparently wrong, partially if true, only applying to previously subbed master players who unsubbed. I cannot verify any of your allegations, so prove them. If true, I would consider them bugs or omissions.

So prove your point or stop spreading rumours.]]>
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I, too am a numbers person when something catches my interest.]]>
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@Rikutatis @Neela: A transcript of the event at this point would probably be too much of a spoiler, since the same event will be replayed a lot of times. I'm in favor of a transcript when the last such event is played, though.

I'm talking about events that are ongoing following a RP announcement, such as the recent defense tower in Thesos. If you missed the announcement, there was no obvious way to take part and, with that one being put back, I didn't even realise it was running until it was too late. A simple post with the words of the announcement would have enabled me to take part.]]>
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Also, is there a way to have a Ranger channel started and how do you do that? Or for that matter, any dynamic channel?
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This is all very technical for me

How do we as regular players access the public area?

Is this not released yet perhaps?

It's not released yet. We still have some work to do for this (parameters/rights...). We'll probably give you the access by a click on the current "Team roadmap" button on WebIG main page.]]>