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Gaueko: Does someone something to ask or add about this?
Ptitbill: I need some noise for projects.
Gaueko: The Music Team and Group are by now not working until we create the storageing "problem". But maybe I can try to speed up this and we can create those sounds.

Q: You know how to add new sounds? We've had some troubles, on our side, with the tools...
A: About your question Zatalyz, talk with Riasan. When I created the Music Team he made some experiments by his own to add music and sounds. Maybe he can guide you better.

<![CDATA[[Music] Music of the Races]]> Mon, 28 Sep 2015 18:44:56 +0000 Music
Thank you very much for the contribution, it will be useful in the future to work on the races and music. This music is something that the Music Team will work on once the Lore Team finishes with what we now call the Musical Lore, which will contain what you have suggested in your post. In the Music Group of the Ryzom Forge, we will focus on ambient music and sounds. Scary, happy or sad music will be created, besides trying to add new sounds to the game. 

Given your interest, I urge you to continue cooperating with the  Music Group of the Ryzom Forge, perhaps with a song of your creation or sharing ideas so others can work on them, in order to bring new sounds and music to the game.  

Have a nice day on Atys.]]>
<![CDATA[[Music] Useful links]]> Tue, 22 Sep 2015 07:17:20 +0000 Music
If you know any other similar page, please share with us:Those are a selection I made to start the post, but I will add more soon, anyways; if you want to explore yourself, this link is usefull to start.]]>