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1 - Ryzom Team activity in 2020

Tamarea (RT) – 20:34 UTC
This page of the Ryzom Wiki lists the activities of the Ryzom team in 2020 :
It remains to be completed but thanks to the members of the Wiki group, who created it.
NB • The link is given for information so that you can read the page… later: the list is a long one!

2 - New launcher and installer

Tamarea & Ulukyn (RT) – 20:39 UTC
Windows, Linux and Mac versions of the new launcher and installer are in test.
We are looking for a maximum of volunteers to test this new launcher with the maximum of Windows, Linux and Mac versions.
The testers will not have to uninstall the game but just connect to Atys via this new launcher and check that the updates are done correctly.
Those who use different profiles on the current launcher will also be able to check that they appear on the new one.
If some of them wish, they can also test the installation of the game via the launcher. Please make sure to back up your data before doing so. If you make a new installation next to the one you usually use, please allow 8 GB of free space.
If you wish to help with these tests, please contact Tamarea on or by email at

Q: At the last RF meeting only testing for Linux and Windows computers was possible… Can testing for Mac computers start now?
Yes: the development phase of the Mac launcher was completed just today!

Q: Can you give us a link to download the new launcher?
Not here nor now: so that we can solicit feedback from all testers, this link will only be given upon individual request made to Tamarea.

Q: Will the new launcher allow two characters from the same account to connect simultaneously on Atys?
No, this is not technically feasible. As today, therefore, the simultaneous connection of several characters will only be possible if they are under different accounts.

Q: Will our guild channels soon benefit, like others, from automatic translation?
Most likely, yes. This is one of the requests under examination within the RT.

3 - Implementation of high-definition textures

Tamarea & Ulukyn (RT) – 21:11 UTC
Icons, user interface textures and all Atys maps have been enlarged by IA to get an improved HD version.
This improvement, currently under test, will be added in-game in the next patch.

Q: Will this HD version compensate for the visibility defect found when the value of the local interface parameter (scale) is greater than 1.00?
Yes, with these HD textures the tests confirm a very correct visibility for a value of 2.00 and they continue in order to improve the icon texts for intermediate values.

Q: Will the API be updated accordingly?
We are working on this update, but it is not without difficulties. However, all the images made available in the API will be in their HD version as soon as the next patch is released.

4 - Boss refactoring

Tamarea & Riasan (RT) – 21:28 UTC
For those who are not familiar with this project, it is detailed in the (FR) document available at this address: et qui sera publié sous peu sur le forum.
Latest developments :
- all the new spots of Boss' pop have been added ;
- all new Bosses and the loots they drop have been created and their translations are under testing.

Q: Will the names of the current Bosses be changed?
Non. Mais il y en aura de nouveaux !

Q: Will the value of the items collected from the remains of a Boss be related to the level of the latter?
Yes, the loot obtained from a low level Boss has less value than that obtained from a high level Boss.

Q: Is another test phase scheduled? And if so, for when?
Yes, a test phase on the development server will start soon (there are still some problems with the new loots and we hope to have it finished by the end of this week.

Q: Will a Boss of level N now be able to give up to his executors a loot of higher quality than N?
No: a killed Boss still provides a loot of equal quality to his level.

Q: Will there be Boss level lower than 70 and intermediate to the current scale (70 | 120 | 170 | 220 | 270)?
No, but the number of Bosses will increase significantly for each level of the recalled scale.

Q: When will these changes take effect in game?
As soon as possible, i.e. as soon as conclusive tests are completed... tests whose duration depends on the number of volunteer testers.

Q: Will there be new Bosses accessible for beginner characters (on Silan)?
No, the project concerns only the continents and the Prime Roots.

Q: Will there be other "corrupt" Bosses, like Cratchakyo was?
No, this is not planned at the moment.

5 - Events

Tamarea & Ulukyn – 22:04 UTC
The live events (scripted ones) resume at the rate of one per week.
Regarding the Storyline, the end of episode 1 is approaching and the beginning of episode 2 is coming soon!

Q: Is it planned to link live events to the Storyline?
Yes, a first one will take place soon, by the way.

Q: Will the Storyline prologue (the rumors) be debugged before the launch of its episode 2?
Yes, this to allow newcomers to unroll the episodes in order. It will also be improved in its operation to make it easier to play.

6 - Recrutement

Tamarea – 22:19 UTC
We are now focusing on recruiting volunteer testers. We have several additions under test (launcher, Boss refactoring...) and in order for them to come quickly into play, we need more testers.
If you are interested in joining the testing team, contact Tamarea on or by email at

Q Are volunteer testers notified individually of the dates and times of the tests they are asked to run, or do they have to watch for a request to appear on a page listing all of them?
No. The dates and times are, if necessary (group testing), determined jointly on the dedicated Ryzom Chat channel where the use of the @all mention allows all testers subscribed to the channel to be notified by email. But individual test requests are simply posted on a scheduling table. The suggestion of individual notification for casual testers will however be carefully considered.

Q: What exactly is expected of a tester?
Play an addition or a patch to the game, spot possible bugs in its operation and then tell us about them on the document gathering the feedbacks from the testers. But also, if it is an addition, give us your opinion on it, so that we can improve it before it is put into service on the game server.

Q: When a test is in Waiting column of the scheduling table (KanBoard), is it still possible to complete the feedbacks' pad?
When a test is in Waiting, it means that the test object has been handed to the developers for them to fix the bugs reported by the testers. It will be handed over to the testers (put again in column Testing) once the correction completed.

Q: Shouldn't volunteer testers be trained and accompanied, even if only a minimum, when they first join the team?
Yes, probably. We are thinking about that.

Q (off-topic): Is the Scenographic Editor scheduled to come back in game?
A (unexpected):
Yes, this is the next scheduled development task, by the way.

The meeting is closed at 23:00 UTC.]]>
<![CDATA[Ranger TP: Exploitation of Game Mechanics]]> Wed, 08 May 2019 00:32:35 +0000 General
As anyone who knows me would expect, I don't like the words "not allowed". Too my view, anyone who pays the same subscription price should be entitled to do anything they with **equal opportunity** across the board. With as little playing time as I can manage, guild and other IG responsibilities, I am surprised that anyone has the time to figure out and test "exploits".

While I am all for fifguring out, the mot efficient way to accomplish something, I don't like making things easier, There's no "winning ryzom". I like the idea of "cats" pre-merge, only because with 5 harvest trees and 39 craft trees ... you spend 87% of ya digging time for no XP. I saved my cats allocation for crafting. Post merge, I personally wish there was a way to "turn them off'. Or that you could pick one skill tree to apply them to ... and hen ya wanted to change ... a 30 day cool down.

There's prolly no person in the game that knows less about tagging than I do, but if someone really wanted to use an exploit in this situation, wouldn't it simply be easier stay untagged ?

The one thing great about "classes" in Ryzon is that no one in game has class ... :) ... well class restrictions. There are some minor ones such as TP locations (Kara Void / Kami SC) so I 100% support the notion that it be fixed at some point. However, I hope that problems like this which I would categorize as "growing pains" need to arise to the top of the heap and require all progress on everything else to cease.

When the boss lock thing was first brought to game, the 1st 2 bosses I was fighting against had incidents .... 1) after separating the boss from minions and struggling a bit with a small team, but slowly winning, had folks come in and start dragging minions on us.... 2) On the next one (same day, another small group .... some folks came along and huddled in our mage pod .... I reported both.

And tho I think the 2nd situation was addressed by a patch, I dunno how long it took ... I haven't run into the 1st one more than once or twice since.

In short, when making changes... certain situations simply may not be envisioned. If you would have told me rangers would be PvPing, I never woulda thot it would happen. I really don't see 'Ranger types' going this route ... tho I can see how folks that would use an exploit would "go ranger" in order to take advantage of it.

I reported the two instances I spoke of, but wasn't interested enough to follow progress. You did exactly what I would have done by reporting it. and I hope until it's fixed, now that it's accepted as an exploit, folks will be more reluctant to undertake it as a matter of personal pride, until it is addressed.]]>
<![CDATA[Ballance of Ranger gameplay]]> Thu, 23 Aug 2018 16:59:14 +0000 General
Otherwise, I find it a pain to TP to Zora, then run out of town to 'get to the spot,' then 'TP / use the path,' 2-3 times to get back to Wastelands near where I was when I died, BUT.... It is the path I chose! (pun intended) :D

So, I can accept the way things are now, and live without any changes although it be very difficult.]]>
<![CDATA[Ryzom Forge meeting report- 2017-11-20]]> Mon, 04 Dec 2017 18:08:44 +0000 General Management of Players ideas

I have a project fo better manage the "ideas fo the players": each player would have xx "vote points" to use by using them in his favourite players ideas. With the possibility to change his mind and so to take back points from an idea to give them to another one. When he'll have no free vote point left, he could not vote anymore. When an idea would be added ingame (and archived, tagged or anything else useful), the player would have back the points he gave to this idea.

Ex: 10 vote points for each player account. The player could share them between his favourite ideas (giving 10 points to one project, or 4 points to one, 1 to another one, etc. As he would want. Free system.
No free point left but a nice new idea: would have to choose. Renouncing to this new idea, or giving less points to another one. ^^
A project added ingame = he gets the given points back and can use them for other projects.

Of course, we should keep the current forum "Player Ideas" in archives and reopen a new one, for more clarity.


Lyne: It's a number of points per account or per char? How many points do the F2P accounts have?

Tamarea: This remains to decide. Still in thinking. What do you think ?

Moniq: My first idea was exploit by more characters/accounts so do you suggest any way how to limit it?

Eleanide : That's a good idea if the vote is actually bind to the account. It will allow to see proposals and their popularity.

Moniq: Generally, I like the idea but I think this is the feature for p2p. Depends on how valuable 1 point will be. If 10 is significant, none for f2p, if 1000 points is not much, f2p can have 1 point to "test" the feature. We can also limit it by played time? how exclusive it supposed to be? Give points for played time, for example 1 point per Atys season, starting after 1st 2 days/weeks in game and/or getting level 35 + leaving Silan…

Tamarea: Seems too much difficult for a forum feature.

Lyne: I don't like the idea of the played time (I'm a bit too tired to explain it, but I could another day if you want).

Moniq @lyne: just suggestions how to limit exploiting with multimple accounts.

Tamarea: Would be possible to limit to Premium accounts, but what would we do with the points given by a player coming back to F2P?

Lyne: Don't change anything if the player goes back to F2P (keep his points where they were given but prevent him to change his vote).

Moniq @tamarea: can use points only when p2p, in time when unsubscribed it will be disallowed.

Eleanide: Only for P2P, then? Is that possible?

Tamarea: I think so, even if confirmation is needed.

Eleanide: Return to F2P = No more point for voting.]]>
<![CDATA[forge updates live on server]]> Wed, 20 Sep 2017 02:33:39 +0000 General Naema <![CDATA[Ryzom Forge on Bitbucket]]> Thu, 27 Jul 2017 10:15:42 +0000 General (see "Source" and "Commits" folders).
I've just updated the links in post 1.]]>
<![CDATA[Public release with debug?]]> Sun, 19 Feb 2017 17:06:20 +0000 General
The normal debug messages do get logged for a bit but yes those stop. It is just the lines that I pasted that repeat over and over. I only saw log.log once and didn't pay any attention to it as it doesn't get huge and it didn't dawn on me to look it over closely.

If it happens again and that file pops up I'll look that over too.

I have not figured out where/how to compile the current code as every one of my old links I used years ago is either lacking info or dead links. Otherwise I'd help troubleshoot this.

For some odd reason, any edits I do the the cfg files prompts a patch over write. Aside from wiping out the cfg file leaving only that one line suggested earlier. All other changes get reverted.]]>
<![CDATA[Bilan des 2 ans de collaboration Ryzom/Khaganat]]> Wed, 16 Nov 2016 02:17:00 +0000 General Naema <![CDATA[autoupdateable guildmotd]]> Sat, 05 Nov 2016 13:32:34 +0000 General Tyrralir <![CDATA[Collaborative Project: Ryzom Forge]]> Tue, 23 Aug 2016 16:04:53 +0000 General
Holidays are quite over so Ryzom Forge meetings have restarted yesterday.]]>
<![CDATA[New region]]> Wed, 01 Jun 2016 14:55:55 +0000 General
The same mechanic could be applied to Rangers as members of the "faction" responsible for the defense of Atys against the Kitin threat, they would benefit in a manner similar as do citizens of a race.]]>
<![CDATA[Kit du développeur]]> Tue, 31 May 2016 18:51:43 +0000 General
sur irc freenode : #ryzom ou #ryzomforge

en français mais en cours de redaction et a jour :
sur irc freenode : #khanat

mais sur mac , pour les outils il y a pas grand choses qui marche mais si tu t'y connais en c++ , tu peux les porter :))]]>
<![CDATA[Ryzom studio]]> Wed, 08 Jul 2015 07:07:26 +0000 General
J'ai windows 8.1 et suivi le tuto de ryzomcore.
(je pense installer debian bientot si sa peut aider)

Quand je compile, je n'ai pas le "with-studio" dans le cmake

Après je ne sais pas ou est mon erreur, je ne sais pas si j'ai mis dans les bon dossiers tous les copi/collé

Esque quelqu' un peut m'aider ici, irc ou sur atys ?]]>
<![CDATA[Ryzom Forge's meetings]]> Tue, 16 Jun 2015 02:44:21 +0000 General
just my 2 dappers on the idea :)

<![CDATA[Transférer les articles de Khaganat sur Ryzom Forge ?]]> Tue, 09 Jun 2015 13:57:49 +0000 General
On the other hand, I cann't transfer picture. Keep in mind, that images has to be in the "common" of the wiki, and that one need make the uploading from a local directory.]]>
<![CDATA[Interface reload command]]> Sat, 14 Mar 2015 09:30:04 +0000 General
That's a little request to the dev's :)]]>
<![CDATA[can't get ryzom forge wiki access]]> Thu, 12 Mar 2015 17:12:40 +0000 General Talkirc <![CDATA[Mélanger l'origine des mp pour des plans de tribu ?]]> Tue, 24 Feb 2015 11:17:13 +0000 General Zendae <![CDATA[NewZone]]> Wed, 04 Feb 2015 16:26:06 +0000 General
wir können Die ganzen Gedanken aus Virg´s Tread und die von wiedii zusammenlegen und daraus ein vollkommen neues Konzept begründen.
schließlich gibt es genügend Inhalte die dort zusammen getragen wurden ^^

wird es unsere Aufgabe sein, daraus ein vollkommen neues und eigenes Konzept zu erstellen . aus alle dem was zusammen getragen wurde.
jedoch immer im Auge sollten wir behalten das es ins Universum von Ryzom passen muss ;)

ich freu mich schon auf das Meeting für diese Forge-Gruppe ^^]]>
<![CDATA[New zone landscape modeling]]> Thu, 22 Jan 2015 07:02:32 +0000 General Gersen <![CDATA[Log Ryzomforge]]> Thu, 01 Jan 2015 15:29:43 +0000 General Laofa (atys)
Pour les op qui ont les droits suffisants, la commande à entrer est la suivante :
/msg chanserv set [#channel] entrymsg [message] 

En remplaçant [#channel] par le nom du canal et [message] par le message, par exemple :
/msg chanserv set #ryzomforge entrymsg Ilogyou log you !

Ce message là s'affichera à la connexion, sans ajouter des infos à un titre souvent surchargé. Le titre est plus adapté aux "infos du jour", vu qu'il est plus simple à modifier et visible tout le temps dans la plupart des clients.

Message ajouté, merci pour le conseil (et la commande) !]]>