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I had cancelled my account but they keep taking my money.]]>
<![CDATA[We Are One]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/17431/16#134699 Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:09:02 +0000 Guild Registry (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134699 Virg <![CDATA[rp punctuation?]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19837/4#134692 Fri, 18 Apr 2014 11:16:45 +0000 Roleplay (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134692 Indigo (atys)
lol punctuation most ppl here have english as a second or third language as is my case adding to that the fat fingers my typeing its impossible to read,

gennerally ppl are kind and don't take typos to seriously…l
That is good to hear. I am one of these people. I stumble over the keyboard, and I make my fair share of typos, and English is not my mothers tongue (I am Norwegian),

Bitty: Thanks for the feedback, seems like people are ok with stuff as long as you are understood, sounds good to me :)]]>
<![CDATA[The games future]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19811/20#134691 Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:04:34 +0000 Roleplay (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134691 Daomei (atys)

As to the original suggestion, a new temple war had been announced long ago. Taking in account the disequilibrium between the factions, I am not sure whether it would be a good idea at the moment. But I do not see how to change faction strength and numbers.

Simple! People that don't want to do faction role play should go neutral. *grin*

Anyway +1 Daomei, I find your post insightful.]]>
<![CDATA[[All] Refugee's Celebration (18th to 21st April)]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19833/1#134657 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 22:34:43 +0000 Events (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134657 The Refugee's Celebration

Again it is time to celebrate the Refugees! This celebration, traditionally remembering the arrival of homins in the New Lands after the First Great Swarming, now celebrates their return after the Second Great Swarming too.

Here is the schedule of events for this Refugee's Celebration:

Sunday, 20 April 19:00:00 UTC (2 days to go) and Monday, 21 April 19:00:00 UTC (3 days to go): "A hairy affair"

Shalahs are not known for doing excursions or hiking tours. So what the heck are they looking for in Hidden Source? Come and find out at the main gate of Yrkanis!
(Multilingual, not-too-serious event in two parts (Sunday and Monday), suitable for homins of all factions, nations and levels.)

From Friday, 18th to Monday, 21st April: Refugee's Egg hunt

Gather Refugee's Eggs across the whole of Atys!

Sunday, 20th and Monday, 21st April: Hide and Seek

Little games with small prizes to win at random times. Take a look at the event channel!

Happy Refugee's Celebration!]]>
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[Ryzom prepares for an exceptional event from March 22nd thru 29th 2014!]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19597/67#134630 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 18:23:18 +0000 Official News (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134630 Mjollren <![CDATA[[Tryker] Tepsen boat sheet]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18663/16#134623 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 17:06:06 +0000 Events (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134623 Talkirc <![CDATA[open poll for server's feelings on camping]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19005/104#134622 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:58:53 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134622 Talkirc <![CDATA[Any regular treks?]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19818/6#134617 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:55:41 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134617
And, like Bitty, I'd encourage you to just ask around. There's a long weekend coming and if you ask around in universe channel or in your language channel (english/french/german), it's quite likely that folks might organize a Trek. Just be aware that a single Trek from one city to one other easily takes an hour or two. If you want to stop in between to admire the scenery and maybe get a bit of storytelling it can become a full evening. So don't be alarmed if noone has the time on the day you're asking.

During the Easter time, Atys usually celebrates the days of the light. There might be fun events, spontaneous things happening. There'll surely be a bunch of eggs all over the place which are worthwhile to crack. But should the event team plan some bigger things - which I don't know - then, again, possibly people don't have that much time for Treks. If that's the case just ask around, what's happening, and if you could join the fun. Check the forums and channels for announcements.

Many people also team up irrespective of guild membership.
That aside, Phaedra's Tears is definetely a very friendly guild and fun folks to travel with, so a good choice anyway, especially since the date befits you :-) (No disclaimer required, I'm not a member - I'm guildless by choice)

Welcome to Atys! Have fun and beware of the Yetins!]]>
<![CDATA[Leaving Silan too early]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/17542/18#134616 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:55:22 +0000 Ideas For Ryzom (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134616
i agree that those would be good guide lines for requirements though, as those are things that always seam to be an issue with players that leave silan too soon, because we always seam to be telling people how to do those things if they have left silan too soon.]]>
<![CDATA[[sold]Selling LA marauder armor ( from Pei )]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19827/1#134601 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:14:41 +0000 Bazaar (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134601 ......
Cya around :)]]>
<![CDATA[(WEDDING IN ATYS) READ!]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19799/4#134529 Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:16:05 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134529 Lilz <![CDATA[Наконец я нашёл игру своей мечты]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/17361/3#134512 Wed, 16 Apr 2014 15:53:45 +0000 Русскоязычное сообщество (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134512 Aruno <![CDATA[Of Goo, and Weapons....]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19771/3#134454 Wed, 16 Apr 2014 04:27:57 +0000 Roleplay (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134454 She woke up outside her apartment about 100m away, several Gingos were dead around her. She decided to leave the area before the rest of the pack came back. She returned to her apartment.

She reopened the box and removed the corrupted igara skins and paused for a moment...I am going to try to craft with these. I must know more about how they affect crafted items! She began to quietly inquire to her guild about what kind of items take stuffing to craft, it seemed to make sense armor would take stuffing, since she mainly crafted Range weapons....

"Range weapons?"....she said outloud as she pondered the thought.
"I bet i could take out all of Pei Ruz's corrupted Igaras with one shot with a goo Launcher!" she chuckled.

But maybe they were resistant to Goo? She pondered on the thought of accidently spreading goo with a launcher, what a disaster that would be, and yet she knew corrupted animals had superiour strength, so a weapon made of corrupted mats could be strong indeed! She could not keep these thoughts from reoccurring in her mind, though she knew how dangerous the idea was. The Zorai had already banned any crafting of the Goo into anything!

'But this was not the land of the jungle.' She thought. 'In fact, apparently some of our scientists have one or more samples they are researching on. So why can't I do a little investigating of it myself?' 'I Bet my father did a little researching himself!'

Another avenue she would persue would be to ask around discreetly if Matis scientists found out anything about the goo. After all, her father said he supplied them with a sample. (or more?)

She wondered how to go about finding out more information about the goo.

The only thought was,

'I must ask the members of the Masters of the Goo tribe if they know anything. I know they will probably tell me nothing, but i must try.'

She had just returned from Grove of Umbra after investigating how they captured a Kipesta. She hoped they were not infecting them with goo, but the idea how they captured it intrigued her.

She also wondered if there was any other tribes that know anything about the goo.

"Hmm the Black Circle have some in their camp!" I can try there too. There was another tribe that escaped her memory for the moment, but she would recall it later.

She shut the box with the igara skins and diabolical feelings crept over her, she decided to don her heavy armor on and go out and kill somthing, She didn't know what, but she put on her brightest clothes and weapons to even challenge any homin who dared look at her the wrong way. Some even tagged her as a warrior not to mess with, and she had the look. Certainly some homin would want to test their mettle against her.
She went down to the bar...]]>
<![CDATA[Guild Leader]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19757/18#134453 Wed, 16 Apr 2014 04:03:23 +0000 Bazaar (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134453
*pats virg on back*
good job young padawan!]]>
<![CDATA[Летопись о русских в Ризоме]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19725/5#134441 Tue, 15 Apr 2014 21:21:29 +0000 Русскоязычное сообщество (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134441 Eikichi (atys)
Aruno (atys)
Сначала были ками, после велоромства буржуйского стали караван.
Насколько я помню, в караван Норб решил перейти из-за скуки. Ками гнули караван как хотели, и играть за них было не интересно.

Terrorblade (atys)
Насколько я знаю дело было так: ками пообещали NH ОП -> NH ушли из игры -> ками отдали ОП другой гильдии -> NH вернулись, почему-то обиделись и стали караван. Eikichi наверное сможет больше рассказать.
История с заставой (Demon's Crossroad по-моему) случилась задолго до моего прихода в игру. Как я помню из рассказа Норба, ее им обещали за участие в какой-то войне между альянсами, но не дали. Вот он и обиделся на тот альянс. Переход в караван произошел сильно позже и не был связан с этой заставой. Вообще лучше спросить об этом у самого Норба.

Много воды утекло, и всех кто чего-то помнил, давным давно замочили.
История стала легендой, легенда превратилась в фарс, а потом уже и анекдотов напридумывали:)]]>
<![CDATA[Hunting the sorcerer and the sorcerer's hunt]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/17899/45#134434 Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:39:30 +0000 Roleplay (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134434

Fair Haven...
Winter morning…
Cold wind… freezing even…
Sunny weather…
Dawn is quiet indeed! Jazzy, back from an end cycle rest, treads once again upon the capital’s surface.

Something’s wrong… but what…?

And then… it’s settled!
He goes towards the prisoner to have some talk with him, same as he had done already to immerse himself a bit in the Demon and understand his insanity before taking action to transfer the marauder in a place safe for him and for the lakes inhabitants.
Jazzy was walking confidently because he had already found the perfect place where he would have Ezek imprisoned…

Something’s wrong… but what…?

Jazzy got the answer very quickly.
He stopped dead, fixed glare, wide eyes, without shivering, he saw… he discovered… in short, he had his answer: why the capital was so quiet this morning…
Ezek wasn’t there anymore!!!

A quarter of a second had allowed Jazzy to observe the place in all its details, a thing that wasn’t usual for him (Bai Nhori Drakani could still bear witness for it!)

Breathless, eyes now empty, body tensed, arms seemingly inert along his body, Jazzy was thinking at full speed about what had occurred. His mind filled with flashbacks: Ezek’s capture, the interview with Xiaomei, Anonyma’s pains, the talks with Sovyc, Nizyros’ threats, the involvement of the Awakened (…) and… what he now sees before him:

A sap puddle, whose appearance could only reflect the illness of the prisoner because of all sorts of drugs, poisons or kind of goo. The dull green of the puddle, already quite disturbing by itself since the sap of any homin is normally shining and glow the sun light, was stained with dark glows!
The two chains which had hold the prisoner are on the ground, cracked at the level of the wrists, the sand still bearing the marks of Ezek pacing up and down all day long.

Ezek is hurt, for sure! He may even be dead!
But his body isn’t there anymore!
Who has done that, who has removed Ezek?

How could such a thing be allowed to happen?
Or, rather, how such doings can occur without Jazzy being informed?

He couldn’t let all this story disappear as the corpse of the prisoner!
If only for Anonyma’s honour…!]]>
<![CDATA[Spirit of Alervinda]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19796/3#134404 Tue, 15 Apr 2014 00:53:41 +0000 Guild Registry (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134404 Wui <![CDATA[Ryzom Android app]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18844/29#134379 Sun, 13 Apr 2014 23:18:58 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134379 Talkirc <![CDATA[quick msg to friends]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19402/11#134378 Sun, 13 Apr 2014 23:06:42 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134378
anyway good to get the chance to chat with you all again, take care our friends, have fun on the big tree :)]]>
<![CDATA[[player event] 17th Black Market]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19513/3#134369 Sun, 13 Apr 2014 13:11:12 +0000 Events (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134369 Nathanel <![CDATA[Internship at Winch Gate?]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19729/2#134358 Sun, 13 Apr 2014 05:51:09 +0000 Ideas For Ryzom (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134358 Emilie <![CDATA[Wild Magus]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/14865/16#134357 Sun, 13 Apr 2014 02:12:48 +0000 Guild Registry (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134357 Ember <![CDATA[can i please change my user name?]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19782/5#134322 Fri, 11 Apr 2014 21:41:33 +0000 Support (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134322 Khandoma <![CDATA[Server Down for Everyone?]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19783/19#134316 Fri, 11 Apr 2014 17:41:45 +0000 Support (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134316
-No parrots were harmed in the posting of this message.]]>
<![CDATA[After the exit of the game there are problems with the launch and settings.]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19778/2#134242 Thu, 10 Apr 2014 16:21:47 +0000 Support (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134242
client.cfg contains the local settings and is the only one of the two that should be changed unless a CSR states something else]]>
<![CDATA[Letters to Wilk Potskin]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19438/18#134223 Thu, 10 Apr 2014 09:37:25 +0000 Roleplay (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134223
Winderly 18, 4th AC, 2577

Nair-Wilk --

It is with some discouragement that I must report that my worries of the previous letter have proven to be true. The kitins have pushed through again and resurrected the Mounds in Witherings and Verdant Forest. I had intended to patrol somewhat earlier, but guild matters intruded.

The terrible and atrocious white kitins are as agressive as ever an there is still no visible sign of the rotoa plants. I can only hope that Cuiccio Perinia is studying what has happened with them.

I trust that the beginning of a fresh cycle finds you well.

- Bittty

Bittty seals the letter, and attaches it to one of the mail Izams. For a moment he forms a link with the tiny but effective brain of that avian, and it flaps off headed towards Almati Wood.]]>
<![CDATA[encyclopedia entries]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18146/27#134134 Wed, 09 Apr 2014 08:12:26 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134134 Neela (atys)
And while they're at it, can I have my pre-order item back as well!

I'd just like to say Tiximei rocks! :o)]]>
<![CDATA[New simplified Roadmap?]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19767/4#134127 Wed, 09 Apr 2014 03:14:52 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134127 Tgwaste <![CDATA[Arispotle Syndrome]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19756/44#134126 Wed, 09 Apr 2014 02:32:30 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134126 Daomei's thread...)
Exodus (atys)
if you do no faction role play, you will make all the others go away.. in the end.. because you will win that shiny armor (just an example) by all means necessarily and they dont, because they relay on you to be a part of the faction and you are not, because you dont see it that way.
What you describe is roleplay versus powerplay (or even normal playing, for crying out loud).

Some people like playing personas, some people like playing themselves. One choice requires you to willingfully look away from mechanics and posibilities in order to build your persona; the other choice forbids you nothing in terms of gameplay (and in fact, powerplay means actively searching every nook & cranny for a way to get ahead).

There is no question that powerplay kills roleplaying. It always will in mass games, because it's a lower common denominator, people first play a game because they're interested in the actual game (objects, mechanics, artwork etc).

It's not about how people see things, it's about how people prefer things. These two player categories don't really mesh, and as such they'll always come to a clash. There's little way to bring together Fluffy Bunnies (whose motto is almost literally "We do not provide an alternative world to live in") and Seve Noir (or whoever said "We treat all communication channels as roleplay").

Bring a game master into this and force everyone to RP under threat of expulsion (actively filtering, hey, it works). Or make a very compelling case that events can bring together role and mechanics, by actually organizing events that tie things together, and hope this catches on. The event where Matis-aligned players were allowed to help the Fyros nation was however a very weird experience for some of the people involved.

As it stands, your proposition is just a dreamy wish that a coherent player base will materialize out of thin air with no external intervention. Zero chance to happen.]]>
<![CDATA[recien llegado]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19739/3#134059 Tue, 08 Apr 2014 11:32:24 +0000 Español De La Comunidad (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/134059 Rib <![CDATA[[All] The Night of Stars (22-29 march)]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19598/4#133966 Mon, 07 Apr 2014 18:43:53 +0000 Events (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133966 Arfur <![CDATA[no idea were to post this its a cool vidio of the kara removing the fallen object]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19752/6#133938 Mon, 07 Apr 2014 15:59:30 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133938 Khandoma <![CDATA[NPC bosshunt dates]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19750/1#133880 Sun, 06 Apr 2014 17:40:56 +0000 General (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133880
some asked me to publish the dates of the next NPC bosshunts of the interfactional round here on forum. Next hunts are scheduled for:

Thursday, 10th April
Monday, 14th April
Saturday, 19th April
Thursday, 24th April
Monday, 28th April
<![CDATA[[Multiple responses] PvP/PvE rewards and ideas]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/17014/32#133859 Sun, 06 Apr 2014 14:13:08 +0000 Ideas For Ryzom (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133859
I will ask again and hope a dev responds. Having thought long and hard (and argued even harder) for my ideas to be put forward and listened to I got 2 responses from Tamarea. I was initially thrilled. The forums actually work! 11months down the line I see no change. It was said they were set for "long term implementation". How long is a piece of string I guess springs to mind. My issue is not with this.

Instead I want to see the progress that is hopefully being made. I doubt it would take much to to add these to the dev roadmap yet my request was ignored. Why? I offered to read through the forums myself and help the devs out in this. That was several months ago. I was told the devs would get back to me but they haven't. Clearly the devs don't need help reading the forums then. So what is it? Why can't such a simple task of adding things, things that you agreed would be implemented, to the dev roadmap be done?

Furthermore some ideas were put under consideration. Can I have the results from these? Dare I ask have they even been considered??

Can these subjects be added to the dev roadmap please under the following headers:

In progress:
These ideas were set for long term implementation. As such I would like to see their progress after nearly a year.
  • New NPC bosses
  • PvP trainer

Verification of possible implementation:
These ideas said they would be considered. If they have been turned down I would, at the very least, like to know that. At the very best I would like to know why they have been turned down. If they have been accepted could they be added to the dev roadmap. If they are still under consideration could they be added to the dev roadmap.
  • Addition of PvP points as an alternative to crafting or dropped NPC pieces.
  • Improving the stats or dropping the price on the kami/kara/marauder/neutral skirt.
  • Finishing the kami/kara/marauder/neutral armour sets.
  • Special Civ faction armour.

Thank you,
<![CDATA[64bit client]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18979/12#133856 Sun, 06 Apr 2014 12:54:21 +0000 Support (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133856 Karu (atys)
actually 'tries to execute' statement is true.
Gosh, I must admit you're right, thanx for the information ! *_* Even if the program does not run normally, it's still executed. I would never have thought it would be implemented this way. Even on FreeBSD and OpenBSD where it's written in C, it still execute the program.]]>
<![CDATA[Cookies]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18027/49#133822 Sat, 05 Apr 2014 19:38:39 +0000 Guild Registry (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133822
have fun crazy cookies and see you all sooner rather then later i hope.

talk and ros]]>
<![CDATA[Respawn in marauder camp]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19042/13#133821 Sat, 05 Apr 2014 19:34:55 +0000 Ideas For Ryzom (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133821
that's right i'm still alive, though no in game these days, lot's in life keeping that impossible.

still think the mara's should have a respawn in their camp, at the tp location would work (hint hint)]]>
<![CDATA[A Report on the Events of (30 March 2014)]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19696/9#133787 Sat, 05 Apr 2014 02:50:18 +0000 Roleplay (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133787
Some more pictures for all of those who crave them here :)]]>
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"We fought so hard!" she thought. Why have they returned?

She slowly looked up at the mound constructed by kitins of the deep at knoll of Dissent in the forest. It brought sorrow to her heart. A feeling of despair emanated from her that she could not get rid of. Even all of the Kings soldiers have left! Where were they now?
The kitins of the deep have returned, several types running all around attacking homins. Maybe not as many as before, but still, they were very aggresive.

"I thought our solution of planting Rotoas trees on the mounds would work for sure! Those thorns on the roots were a sure solution, and very nasty!"
But apparently they were not. What other solution did the Matis have now?

She was very sceptical of the rangers because she was scared of termites in her forest. But she heard reports of it helping in other areas of Atys, so she comptemplated it for a while.

'If it is the only solution, and it seems to be working, then why should I be opposed?' After all, the rangers helped her out so much In the Starter camp where she first recieved her training. They meant to help us to defend ourselves, not be sinister to us.
If they did something that got out of hand, then all homins would help out to protect against the threat she started to believe. They only meant good for homins.....

Naema left the knoll of dissent to reflect upon her people and the Rotoa tree, the beautiful flower that so adorned her apartment, and why it wasn't working on the kitin mounds. It had such thorny roots! It was so hard to keep alive as a house-plant. She wanted another so bad to nurture.

She wanted to know more about Ser Erminantius's research also because she wanted to help, but alas, she was not a vassal nor a noble. She decided to keep on helping the Matis in any way possible if they wanted help.

In the mean time, she decided to keep a wary eye upon the Masters of the Goo. This idea kept creeping inside her for some reason....'A goo weapon....? What can we craft with Goo...?'

She tried to dismiss it, but she was Matis after all

"I must learn more!" She thought.....]]>
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cal i selak!

No hay buenas noticias hoy. Estoy preocupada y no muy contenta con lo que pasó en la última asamblea. No vino nadie excepto Lyan Cexius y yo. No estabamos sorprendidos —debido al éxito de las últimas asambleas— pero preocupados.

Si nadie viene a las asambleas de akenos, y estoy hablado de pyr, nunca sabremos que necesitan nuestros queridos ciudadanos. Lyan y yo hablamos sobre esto y pensamós que quizá hay una razón para que los malos* no vengan, algo que ignoramos y que nadie nos dice nada.

Por ello:
-¿Por qué nadie viene?
-¿Hemos hecho algo mal? ¿Necesitamos mejorar algo?
-¿Tenemos que hacer una asamblea menos formal? ¿Quizá cerveza en las asambleas?

Estaré esperando vuestros izams. Leeré vuestras cartas con placer para saber que debe hacer la asamblea de akenos de pyr para que más patriotas acudan a las reuniones.

Y no es la primera vez que hago públicas mis preocupaciones, por favor, constestad a mi llamamiento.

* hermanos —en general— en fyrk.  
<![CDATA[[Fyros]Pyr Akenos Assembly (31-03-2014)]]> http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/19707/1#133562 Tue, 01 Apr 2014 18:19:01 +0000 Roleplay (arispotle) http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/133562 Poster at the wall of the Academy:

cal i selak!

Not good news today. I am worried and not so happy about what happened in the last assembly. No one came apart from Lyan Cexius and myself. We were, not astonished —due to the last assemblies success— but worried.  

If no one come to the akenos assemblies, and I am talking about pyr, we will never know what our beloved citizens need. Lyan and me talked about this and we thought that maybe there is a reason for malos not coming, something that we ignore due to no one tell us nothing. 

So because of that:

-Why no one come?
-We made something bad? We need to improve something?
-We need to make a less formal assembly? maybe beer on the assemblies?

I will be waiting for your izams. I will read your letter with pleasure to know what akenos assembly of pyr could do to make more patriots come to the meetings.  

And is not the first time I make public my worries, please, answer to my call. 
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The tests are open to anyone who has positive National fames.

First session was in two parts.

First was a expedition to the Kitin Lair and into the Dark Mines to explore and to kill white kitins. Since there were 20 to 30 homins present the formation into teams took some time, but everyone got Miner's Amulets and followed Wilk into the Mines. The teams held together and supported each other and mostly didn't kill too many non-aggressive kitins. Some folk got lost in the area where the corrupted Rangers had had their camp (and two or three vanished into the goo infested kitin nest despite Wilk's injunction not to touch it), but all made it back out. The lessons of the raid were discussed back in camp, namely clarity of targeting, use of force when you have it, and being aware of directions in unfamiliar territory.

The second part is ongoing: Use magnetized amber to detect sources of a mysterious material that will be used in the second training session. Magnetized ambers can be obtained from Ranger (Rangers) in the Almati Wood camp. There are four sources located in the New Lands, "close together as the distances in the Old Lands would be considered." The amber will sense the materials at a distance of 500m and the person holding the amber will get a feeling for that distance, which will then fade. To avoid spoilers I will not say more, but at least one team has located all four sources. I will say that teams work better and faster (and safer) than solo work.

As a extra bonus question Wilk says: Figure out what the material is that we will be using in the next session.]]>
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It was a cold winter's day when we gathered in Almati Wood for the meeting. Wilk Potskin had built a fire and all folk gathered around it except a few. Kiwa Lie, of course, started roasting termites and passing them around.

The meeting started with reports on the kitins.

Bittty confirmed his earlier reports of aggressive kitins near the Mounds in the Forest and Jungle.
Yragael confirmed the Jungle, and Kiwalie confirmed both Jungle and Forest.
Kiwalie also pointed out that there is no way to get rid of the kitins in the mounds, more continually appear when they visible ones have been killed. Veriz wore out his armor fighting them. She felt it cannot be left this way, but had no solution to suggest. Yragael noted that the termites are not as pretty as rotoa, but at least they work.

Wilk noted that the easiest way would be to destroy them with termites.

Daomei pointed out that this would produce conflict with the Nobles and the Awakened.
Phoazhu asked how the termites will be gotten rid of after the kitins are gone.
Wilk noted in answer to Phoazhu that the experts know how to bring the numbers down as well as up.
Yragael pointed out that we would need to do tests in the Jungle to be sure of that.
Daomei noted that the desert has termite mounds; in the Lakes the termite mounds disappeared entirely.
Phaozhu pointed out that Forest and jungle don't have goaris.
Damei pointed out the observation that the gibbai and javings are eating the termites, too.

Rangini reported on the termite mound in Hidden Source. He is having predator problems when he gets to 200. He also is having difficulty removing termites. Daomei pointed out that the predator problem is normal, which is why he kept them at 150 in Pyr. Rangini was told to bring them up as high as he can before the predators come. Rangini will try.

Wilk told us that we had gotten praise for our work from Lakes and Desert officials. We still have to deal with the mounds, but the environs of some towns are now safer.

Wilk announced that with that partial success, Orphie Dradius has given permission for another project: Starting the training to prepare for future exploration. Homins going on the first mission will need to learn some skills first.

It was announced that all Ranger aspirants can train them, since they will also be useful to future rangers when the Great Expedition takes place.

Willk said there are still details to prepare and that training would start in a few days. In the training aspirants will learn skills necessary to survive in the Old Lands. How to make a fire, how to gather and prepare food in the wild, how to move according to the fauna. Some tasks will be harder than others. (IRL probably next week – will be announced some days before, and the training will take some time. Wilk will lead the first training.)

There is going to be another task on the preliminary expedition, but details at the moment are not relevant.

Wilk then opened the meeting to questions:

Geyos: Are the strange noises near camp normal? (There was some shouting in the distance between PvPers in Almati.)
Wilk: Drakan members – probably normal. Tryker love affairs imply lots of shouting.

Erminantius raised his hand and asked questions about termites. (He listened carefully to the responses and took notes. )
Erminantius: If I understand correctly how the termites work, once the job is done they die of starvation, right?
Daomei noted that she used potions to control them, but Wilk says that in the end, yes, that's how their number is reduced. Without food the eggs do not do well.
Kiwalie noted that she grills and eats them,
Geyos pointed out that Kiwalie's method is also good at reducing termite numbers.

Erminantius: Their weak constitution does not allow them to move far from the nest, is that correct?
Wilk: Correct – we use a potion to keep them alive while we transport them.
Erminantius: I hadn't gotten your last answer ...Once a mound is infected with the termites, how long until the termites all die.
Wilk asked the experts –
Daomei about 2.5 days IRL So a season in Atys.
Geyos: Twice as long in Avendale, but they were enjoying the beer.
Erminantius: What if the kitins do dig another tunnel in the place the termites were before. Would it be necessary to restart the process?
Daomei: We believe that the tunnels will collapse without a vent to the surface.
Kiwalie the termites eat fast
Erminantius: What if they dig a new tunnel?
Wilk: if they really want to, they can. So yes if there is another invasion we have to start over.
Daomei, but the mounds were a tremendous effort for them, it will not be easy for them to do that.
Erminantius: last question. Do you know why as far as we know the kitins did not settle for long in the lakes and desert?
Peatpom: Because we killed them!
Geyos: And ate them.
Wilk: the termite closings hindered the arrival of new white kitins. It is also possible that there are fewer large roots in Lakes and Desert.

Wilk had a question: Would Erminantius agree to share the results of his research? The rangers are very interested in the work.

Erminantius: Answers yes, he came here with the idea of starting to share, but he has many questions and theories to confrim or invalidate before then.
Erminantius states that Zorroargh will be welcome at the next scientific meeting.

The meeting ended with the usual questions from Wilk and some raucous bantering.

Next meeting is to be held on (7 April 2014)]]>
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Translation of this text by Erminantius

At the end of the last meeting of the study group, Erminantius went back home. And he thought that he was really too tired to write down the minutes of the metting in his notebook.. It would wait for a few hours.
He went to bed and postponed it to the next day.

After a well deserved night of sleep, Erminantius got ready as usual. He looked if news of importance had arrived for him, then went to his office, opened his notebook, and started to write a short report, trying to forget nothing.
The second meeting of our small group took place at the foot of the rotoa of Bravichi. There were:

Serae Boréale
Serae Wushepeng
Serae Nerwane
Serae Zendae
Seare Phaozu
Ser Salazar
Ser Osquallo
Ser Copal
and Ser Zorroargh that I had invited

Seare Zendae presented us with the results of her “researches”, namely how the tribe of the masters of goo managed to catch a living Kipesta. After an interesting discussion about the place for the capture, we spoke about the discoveries of Ser Salazar thanks to the amber cube of the academy. Ser Salazar made us know his will to study the importance of the kitin secretions, I allowed myself to add that it would be interesting to try to know better how the kitins breed. We concluded that Ser Salazar should, in a first time, try to make contact with the two scientists experts in kitins who are mentioned in the amber cube.

We’ve shared the tasks so that our project goes forward on the other line.
Zendae and the amazons have to clear the choice for a place of capture, and a place of store.
Serae Boreale and myself have to find a way to create a strong fence.
And there was also the need to find someone to help us making a quite big and strong net.

Last point, it has been decided that Ser Zorroargh would be considered as a “permanent guest” in our meetings.

Erminantius closed his notebook, thinking that he still had a lot of work to do.]]>