Collecting your interface woes


Fix the broken date and time in the OP battle window (if it hasn't been done yet).

What i'd like to get:

1) Small improvement to boosts icons - would be nice if they actually show what the boost is about (power, duration and such) once you hover your mouse over the icon.

2) No idea if that's possible, but i'd like to link items in chats. Click the link and check info on said item.

3) Notifications like logons of friends and guildmates, looting messages and such. They have the tiniest font possible and barely can be read. IMO, there is few ways to solve it: simply make them bigger; make them customisable just like chat font, or make them scaling automatically depending on the chat font size. Also they are located at the bottom of the screen and often overlapped with chat windows, action bars etc. Would be nice to move them to the center of the screen.

4) Filters in inventory/room/guild hall for Supreme, Excellent etc, just like in trading window.

5) Sorting tribes in fame window by KOS/non-KOS status (i.e. i want to see the ones that will attack me for

6) Something to check durability on items on the fly, like a tooltip popping up if hovering cursor over them.
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