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Colour me Purple; an Atysian science-fiction story.

Uncertain worlds

And so my literary experiment comes to an end. It turned out to be a project whose size exceeded my expectations. I hope you readers have all enjoyed the resulting saga.

Despite it's length, many questions are still left unanswered, and many facts dubious. The Kami nobly sacrificed themselves? Told by a Zorai. The Karavan waged war on hominkind? Told by a Fyros. The Matis nation is larger than the other 3 combined? Told by a Matis. How accurate then are these assertions? And many other facts about the world are never revealed at all. This is all quite deliberate on my part. Just as in the present era we find ourselves with many unanswered questions about our world, and many versions of history that are heavily disputed, so I believe it would not be any different in any future era.

I have written from the perspective of the homins living in that future era, so that we only know what they know. My purpose was to tell a story, not to write a detailed account of a fictional world. And I do not think it would be a very realistic story, nor a very realistic world, if the homins in it knew everything.

For despite the fact that this future world I have created is merely fictional, merely speculation, I have done everything I could to make it as realistic and as feasible as possible. I have spoken at length with the sages about what kind of technology they expect to be invented in the near future, how they expect the world would change under the catastrophic events I have described, how they expect the races to react and adapt. Creating an entire new world was the largest challenge of this project, but I believe I have created one that is a very realistic future scenario, based on our current knowledge. A future that may very well come to pass.

And ofcourse, it is also a cautionary tale. Though I have used this future world as a setting for what I hope are enjoyable stories, hopeful stories even, I think it is safe to say we would not actually want this future. Though I do not make it out as a bad place, that is because telling a story was my primary goal, and to do so I had to make one large assumption that is probably not so realistic: That each race will actually find a way to survive. So it is also a warning to us to prevent this future while we can.

But it was primarily intended as something new in Atysian literature, and I believe it has succeeded in that. Though the project took much more out of me than I anticipated, I have greatly enjoyed working on it.

Now that it is over, I am anxious to hear from you, my readers, which of the stories was your favourite, and why? Which was your least favourite, and why? I have tried to write each of the 4 stories in a different style, not only because I believed variation between them would improve the saga as a whole, but also to experiment with different styles and see which would work the best. But I cannot know which worked the best unless you, the readers, tell me. Also, do you enjoy longer stories in multiple parts like this, or do you prefer shorter stories like my earlier works? Your input will help me decide what kind of story I will work on next.
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