Temporary Insanity

Temporary Insanity

Race = Fyros Based but all races welcome
Faction = Kami
Guild Hall =Located (on Dexton Street) in Pyr
PvP = Most definetly
RP = We generally don't roleplay, but we won't discourage anyone from doing it
Guild Leader = Nitrouss
Hig h Officers= Gymsko, Stitch,Yakapo, Kwipers, Mathea, Monje.
Officers= Abrasion, Cabelyn, Dregra, Fyrestorm, Jon, Khandoma, Keeblerelf, Liliang, Morbak, Zhola.
Website = http://www.temporary-insanity. org/
Code of Conduct =http://www.temporary-insanity .org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2

Temporary Insanity ( TI )

Temporary Insanity is a growing guild with both new and old players
who like to help each other out whenever the need arises.
Since we have members from all corners of the world, there's always someone online.
We do all from Hunting Bosses to Supernode Digging
and pretty much everything in between.

The members of Temporary Insanity are a mature group of people and so are our conversations.
We try to keep our Guild Chat as clean as possible.
We would also ask that you download and join us on our ventrilo chat room
as communication and fight readiness is greatly improved with it.
Our Ventrilo chat room has pretty much no restrictions as long as it is not vulgar and/or offensive.

Want to see what Temporary Insanity is all about?

Want to give us a try?

You are most welcome to apply for a guild invitation
in the recruitment Thread at our Website. And we will
get back to you ASAP.

If you find us interesting and are 18 years old or older contact any of our High Officers or Officers.


Am the Lizard King......... I can do Anything
Temporary Insanity Complaint Department Officer
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