Rift Walkers

Rift Walkers was started from the ashes of chaos. We began our roots in the Yrkanis forest, and have remained true to the Karavan and Jena. We follow the Karavan as well as the Matis Civilization. Our members pride themselves on the ability to venture out independently, without extensive guidance, and take the world of Atys by the horns.

People ask, why do we call ourselves Rift Walkers...

Many of us started in the wake of a collapsing power. The negative reputation of this force had caused a "rift" around friendships, and family. Although many stayed to endure what they thought was best, some of us decided that enough was enough, and it was time to walk away, and start again.

The world of Atys is hard to endure with enemies... it is even harder without friends. We thank everyone that has contributed to our pilot days, and we are indebted to your hospitality and generosity. May Jena watch over you.

Lucas Dalamar
Leader of Rift Walkers


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