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Race Fame Basics

If you have 0 or Better Fame:

To gain race fame, the best way is to visit the military officers which are the Corporals in each capital city as well as the Sergeants and Captains spread about. The bandit missions give most fame, the rest fractional. They bandits missions are always the bottom three.

If you have 0 or Less Fame:

The military officers however won't talk to you unless your fame is at least 0 with the civilization. To fix this you need to do missions for the special NPC. The craft and mission materials missions give significant XP.

Pyr: Julius Baptistus is located just outside Cerakos Gate

Zora: Wu Zhong is located at the south entrance to Zora

Fairhaven: Be'Eli'Zelone is located to the right of the main FH dock.

Ykranis: Cirgio Alteri is located near fire at Ykranis North Gate.

For Individial Race Fame, see following topics:

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