Collecting your interface woes

Here's a translation of some ideas in the German forum (not mine):
►First suggestion: Every attack message in the outpost window of the guild menu has the same font-type, -style, -size and -color as the other text around it.
This is not really user-friendly.
One should (if technically possible) set the attack message in the guild outpost window to an other font-color (e.g. glaring red or warning yellow) and/or use at least an other font-style (e.g italic or bold or even underline).

►Second suggestion: I'd like it best if the old function, which has sadly been lost since some months now, could be reactivated that every player of a guild whose outpost has been attacked will get a popup message right after the attack click or latest during the next login: "Your outpost XY has been attacked".
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