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Collecting your interface woes

Sending a mail to Elweit did remind me of one thing I would like to see implemented in the various chat functions.

How many times have you seen a chat line in Team or a personal tell, or even Uni that looks like this:

Username says:3411111wwww
Username says:Need a rez in xxxx

Currently we have the option that Enter either does or does not exit a chatbox. We have the option to exit a chatbox with the Esc key, but if we hit it again, we end up closing the chatbox. We can enter the chatbox by left-clicking on the data-entry part of the box. We can change from one box to another by the same means. I would like to see us be able to exit any chatbox by left-clicking on the general scene. (In addition to the current methods.)

There -- a completely interface related request.

-- Bittty


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