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Colour me Purple; an Atysian science-fiction story.

The future in fiction

Greetings, readers of Atys! I humbly come before you today to present a new literary experiment!

Most of you will be familiar with the stories of Atys' past. There are a great many of them collected in the Chronicles, which can be found in every major library. Which homin with a love for reading does not know at least one story taking place during the times before hominkind lived in the New Lands? During the Great Swarming, or during the Kitin War, or during the Exodus? During the Fire of Coriolis or during the siege of Karavia? Or even further into the past, during the founding of the first nations, or even during the times when homins still lived as tribes?

Most of you will also have read stories of Atys' present. During the past few years many authors, myself included, have published stories that take place in the world of today. Some of them stories based on true events that happened in recent times, some of them purely fictional but clearly set in the modern world. My own last two stories, Shining Scales and the Igara Effect, fall in the former category. But what matters is that these stories take place in the world of Atys as we know it today, not in the world as it was several generations ago.

There is however, a distinct lack of stories of Atys' future. I myself can not think of a single one, unless you count the Karavan prophecy about the future return of Jena. The problem with stories about the future is ofcourse that they must always be speculative, as nobody knows what the real future will look like. Nevertheless, I believe stories about the future could be a valuable asset to literature, as just as reading about the world of the past can help one see the world of today in a new light, so too reading about possible worlds of the future can help one see it in yet another light.

Thus, I intend to start filling this gap, writing a story that takes place in one possible future of Atys. Or rather, 4 stories, as this shall be a story in four parts, and each part shall be an independent story on it's own, with all four released separately. Thus each can be read independently. But all 4 shall take place in the same future world. These stories shall by necessity be a little longer than my previous stories, as this time I will also have to introduce the world through the stories, which was not necessary before as previous stories took place in a world we already know.

I hope this increased length will not scare off readers, but will excite them to discover this strange new world. It goes without saying that unlike my last 2 stories, these stories do not describe events that really happened.

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