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[FIX] Mac crash or cannot login problems

West coast problems and Texas none?

Maybe there was a problem with the backbone through central US or it was just clogged...

The servers are in France (Europe) so you'll have to go from your place to the east coast and from there through the sea cable to Europe...

A nice overview of a lot of backbones can be found here: http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/m.dodge/cybergeograph y/atlas/more_isp_maps.html
Most backbone extensions are done along existing routes so the maps might not show the right bandwidths but they have the right routes.
Here are some weathermaps with live data for OVH (the provider where the servers stood when I last checked)

If you have connection problems with ryzom again try to check the route to the ryzom servers.
Linux / Unix
traceroute ari1.ryzom.com
Windows Vista and higher
tracert ari1.ryzom.com
Windows XP
pathping ari1.ryzom.com
This will show you where the issue is (it shows the ping of each node on the route)
If it's the case that there is an extremly high ping somewhere in the route and it's something outside the network of OVH you'll have to complain to your own ISP otherwise tell the CSRs that they should complain to OVH or just wait a little while and test again.


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