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Confused about npc naming conventions

After Mac'Od Bittty's first post, I looked up "patronymic" on the internet. I found this site which sheds considerable light on the issue:


What might have started as generationally evolving patronymic names would probably have become fixed as relatively unchanging surnames over time.

In the Tyrker culture this fix seems solidly in place. For example, you will find multiple "Ba'Darins _____", but no "__'_____ Darins". It seems that the using "Darins" as a given name is no longer prevalent in Tryker culture. Thus two different "Ba'Darins _____" encountered today are likely (depending on how long ago the surname fixation occurred) to be related.

In the Zoraï culture the situation seems a bit more fluid. You will find multiple "Shu-Quan _____", "_____ Shu-Quan", and even a solitary "___-_____ Quan". Obviously the given name "Quan" is still in use. So it is possible for some patronymic naming to still be occurring. However, it is not likely to be prevalent given the rarity of "Quan" as a given name.

The ordering of the name presentations seems to have a different cultural basis, and is perhaps dependant on occupation. For example, in Zora you will find the Apartment Caretakers use the surname first convention, while the trainers use the surname last convention. However, regardless of position it seems likely that the hyphenated portion is the surname. Indeed, there are instances where the names of the same individual (Ba'Darins Baksan vs. Baksan Ba'Darins) appears in either order depending on who is discussing them.
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