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Linux client on netbook with 1024x576 screen resolution?

I'd be cautious with using a netbook and its limited capacity to run a graphics-intensive application such as Ryzom. If your graphics card can't handle it, it will overheat fast.

I think only the character selection screen is fixed size. Once you go past that, the game itself will probably run at the resolution you set forcibly in client_default.cfg (although it might be reset by the client to a supported resolution when you close Ryzom).

There's mention of Alt-dragging to scroll the view panel. Perhaps that's the first thing to try.

If not, a quick search comes up with virtual screen system tweaks.

- http://superuser.com/questions/247463/netbook-screen-too-small-so ftware-fix
- http://odkq.com/virtualres.html

Let us know.
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