RPP Idea for the Ring.

Nikoooo!!!!!!! :3

Also, 100% agree on above post. Hosting is the main issue imho.

I wrote my hosting idea for masterless scenarios countless times, but here again in a nutshell:

Players upload their scenarios to the server, but it is not started automatically. Instead, when another player opens the ring terminal a list of all uploaded scenarios is shown, once he/she clicks on one it is launched as usual. When the scenario is empty again e.g. last player left, it returns to the list as uploaded scenario.

With this the same system of launching scenarios is used, player can join running scenarios like before. The only difference is a "available scenario" list, hosted centralized on the server where players can pick any scenarios and start them. So nobody has to stay online to host and the variety is great.

Does not work for mastered scenarios, but it's a start.

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