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Burrowing Bunnnies Bonanza

This was Mistatey's idea (I came up w/ the silly title) and I think it's a good one.....the idea, not the title :)

Idea is each week we will pick a region and dig mats there to advance our craft. But we hate to see the XP wasted so if anyone wants to advance their forage, especially in the 200-250 range, come join the BBB.

Ya show up and pop nodes and one or more Master Foragers will dig ya pops.....usualy you'll get 1512 XP for each node we dig.

Come one come all...... Master Diggers all the way to new diggers.

We're doing this whenever we are on, unless tied up in the rare boss hunt or other activity..... so if ya see our lite's on in friends list, more often than not, that's where we are. Send a PM f ya wanna join ....... send a PM if ya wanna dig others pops and I will edit this post to add ya name. If ya want to do certain days only, advise accordingly.


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