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[DISCUSSION] Atysmas Celebration 2011

I'm sorry, but Gillest is right. We really deserve some sort of substantive response to the tree issue. Saying it's a different event and implicating that it is therefore not your problem is a really unacceptable response. Players have been stuck with diminished storage capacity for days, now. At some point, all members of the event team represent the event team and if whoever is responsible for the trees has gone awol, the buck stops at you.

If there's some intractable bug with the trees that can't be fixed, come up with a bandaid. Give participants temporary holiday packers that hold only mission mats and vanish when the tree is built. Set up some kind of locker system. Ask the programmers to temporarily make mission mats transferable until a few days after the trees eventually go up so people can move them to alts. Cobble together some kind of receipt system so people can hand in the mats before the trees come. Should be easy--you can just edit the code from the goo observer to take decoration mats instead of goo meat and slap it on the atysmas helper npc.

Don't just sit around doing nothing and say it's not your problem. At the very least, try to find out what's going on and tell us what's going on. Kick and scream if you have to, because inaction is making people very frustrated. Frustrated people at the end of their subscription are likely to leave, and I would hate a botched event to cost us population.
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