Cara Via

Cara Via was founded on the shining shores of Avendale. There a group of friends gathered by the hot campfire after a journey from Matis lands, and founded their new guild, dedicated to the Karavan and to Jena.
Cara Via are a multi-racial, matis based Karavan guild, devoted to playing a role in the world in support of the Karavan faction in accordance with the lore and history of Atys.
We are mature, self-reliant, honorable, generous and active in the game. We respect all homins, regardless of race or choice of faction, freely teaming with, talking with, guiding in travel to new lands, and sharing our knowledge with any homin in need.
We are ready to welcome new members to our guild, we seek mature, generous, self-reliant and friendly homins who would like to participate in a guild that enjoys strong relationships with many other guilds on Atys and takes their honor and support of the Karavan and their respect and interaction in the Atys community seriously.
We actively help guildmates in their harvesting, healing and fame leveling, regardless of starting level, and also have skilled crafters in our guild able to provide strong advice and support.


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