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Tribal map of Atys

I've been playing so much with the BM icon visualizer over the past weeks, I ended up designing guild icons for every tribe on Atys. I figured I'd share them here for the few people who like that kind of lore speculation, and I got the idea instead of presenting them as a boring list, I'd tape every icon on a giant map of Atys in the location of the tribe's camp. I think the result is quite pretty.

(Huge picture so it may take a while to load and no doubt the forum will shrink it down, just click it to see the full thing.)

I started playing with this because I felt it was a shame that whenever a tribe played a role in events, the EM-controlled tribe members had quite bland and nondescript guild icons. However, now I realise why, as many of the tribe icons I ended up making turned out to look quite similar to existing guilds' icons, which could lead to unfortunate implications. :P
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