Remove Neutral as an option for OP battles

Nonea, there is absolutely NOTHING WG can do to prevent "leaks" in op wars. It's not unwillingness, incompetence, or whatever other negativity about the company you're trying to introduce here, it's the game mechanics which they inherited and which noone I think wants to change as it would change the entire nature of Ryzom.
It's not even limited to Ryzom. Even if you don't have an internet connection you can have contact with others outside of Ryzom.
So say you're Kami and want to spy on the Karavan preparations? Contact (using Skype, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, cellphone, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, whatever is convenient) a friend who plays the other faction and exchange information with them.

I've played mmos in the past where there was a very strict separation between factions. They played entirely different content, never saw each other outside of pvp battles. You couldn't even create toons in more than one faction per server (and there was no cross server pvp).
Yet some people still managed to have spies and allies in the opposing faction. In fact it was well known that some of the largest guilds on either side had alliances with each other, non-agression pacts, arranged outside the game itself, and would lure unsuspecting players from outside their guild into traps to be killed by their friends in the opposing faction, thus slowing down the progression of players not in their guild and ensuring their guild's status as top of the faction.

With multiple accounts, split between factions, this gets even easier as you can now have one toon parked at the opposing faction's tp (and part of that faction), several more along the approaches to the outpost to give warning of incoming hostiles, etc.

Get over it, there's absolutely nothing that can be done to change that, and anything you do do in-game that forces outsiders into your little pvp wars is only going to seriously annoy a lot of people who want nothing whatsoever to do with them.
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