Remove Neutral as an option for OP battles

I agree Inifuss, but they were there at the last OP battle. I cannot prove this is what they were doing, but they were positioning themselves well for use assisting targeting. My frustration stems from my inability to kill someone obviously an enemy.

And I do not agree with some of your points Erizon. I like that we must sometimes be careful about aggro due to bombs...keeps people from just automating button mashing. Likewise, I think being aware of ones environment is an important skill that divides good players from bad. I also dont agree with your assesment that forcing players to tag will not fix the FO role. It does not suffer the same concerns because I can choose not to team with or heal said spy (assuming it is obvious they tagged wrong)...yet they will take splash damage from enemy attacks. If they are a spy joining the opposite side by infiltrating a guild, then their actions go well beyond the OP and this in my opinion is good fun. And, again it does not suffer the concerns because although they may be feeding intel to the enemy, they also must act like they are not...hence they must fight for the guild they are hiding in.
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