Remove Neutral as an option for OP battles

Actually nothing Marelli. I was just making a suggestion. A welcomed all of the other suggestions. Unfortunately, I am not sure how to respond to comments that do not address my concern...and none of these suggestions did, which I clarified several times as just being the neutral FOs (as opposed to heal stealing or aggro dragging).

The one suggestion that sort of did, the "ghosting" which limited a neutrals ability to interact at all with anyone participating in the combat only half addresses my concern. While they then cannot be used to target assist, they can be used to gather intel about the enemies formations and personel, which could be a slower version of target assist. Additionally, I feel "ghosting" is unrealistic and would need some sort of lore explanation that is beyond my scope of imagination.

I don't mean to sound so worked up about this, I think people are mixing up my worked up and not worked up tone. Just trying to offer a solution to a problem I see. If others do not see it, then no worries. I just have a habit of talking very "non-emotional" when I am distracted, and this point was not really worth the effort of focusing upon and adding "fore-play" to (to make it a kinder read)...just wanted to point out something I observed that might want to be addressed...and offered the most viable solution I could think of.
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