Remove Neutral as an option for OP battles

My concern was never heal soaking or aggro dragging. It was neutrals sitting in the middle of each link of our heal chain and assisting the enemy with targeting.

But, this goes both ways. If no one else cares...then I guess it is a valid tactic we are welcome to utilize as well. Afterall, we can just claim all our "spotters" were watching and it is impossible to prove otherwise.

It is a battleground for that 4 hours. I agree forcing people to tag is unfortunate, especially to those who are not trying to take advantage of game mechanics, but it is the only easy solution I saw, and is even RP/realism supported. But, as I said, if it is a valid tactic...well, alts are free now...and I have 3 computers that should each probably be able to run two clients apiece...

(sarcasm - illustrating a point...just because others do it does not mean I can bring myself to do it...but just because I won't does not mean others won't)
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