[All] The Kitin & The Karavan: Study (Ongoing)

A research student from the Royal College posts a note in the center of the bulletin board.
Deles Silam,

The Kitin research is continuing at a slower pace than expected. Though many homin were present at the recent venture into the Kitins' Lair, the project did not proceed as planned as our presence only seemed to incite the Kitin there.

Since my analysis was not completed I ask any who venture into the Kitin base to remain observant and to post your findings on this bulletin. In particular I did not collect data from the Observation Platform, which according to the original notes, looks over a trench, and the Pantry, which uses some type of skeleton for food storage.

I am also seeking information regarding Kitins from all possible sources that might have something to do with current events. Additional postings of any research from any source should also be posted on this bulletin. Please site the source of all information for further clarification or if additional research is required.

As mentioned at the expedition, I see a need for specimen collection in the near future. The Karavan Researcher and I are now determining which materials, in particular, will be needed to further this research project. As soon as a decision has been reached, you will be notified.

Nisti Tinanti
Royal Kitinologist
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