[All] The Kitin & The Karavan: Study (Ongoing)


I did not step up to lead.
Nisti asked if there was anyone present from the First expedition. I said I'm, than when Nisti asked me to lead i said, "As my name indicates i can't recall the locations of the places, maybe someone esle should lead us.( In other words i can DC at anytime)"
That is when Nisti said what he should NOT have. "Than we go and find them by Exploring." That is when Homins started to go all over the place like children touching everything poking things, thus enraging the kitin. Some when laid eyes upon Kizokoo could not resist the urge to try and kill it. I warned them if they start on it it takes too much effort to do it because he has many minions that come in waves.

Nisti should have been more insitant on the mission at hand than letting us all roam aimlessly. I still have no idea what we were suppose to accomplish down there. One thing for sure we accomplished is enraging the Kitin. I would not be supprised if the Kitin would try to invade us all again.
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