[All] The Kitin & The Karavan: Study (Ongoing)

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Deles Silam ​​homins,

To get a general idea about the changing situation in the Kitin Lair at Almati Wood, the Royal College invites all homins on 19h - Tria, Fallenor 15, 2nd AC 2600(JY)* to participate in an expedition into the depths of the lair. Both combative and inquisitive homins are needed.

The Atys Rangers have agreed to help lead the expedition through the lair. I, Nisti Tinanti, will take part in the expedition as the scientific leader.

I hope for lively participation.

Nisti Tinanti
Royal Kitinologist

* Saturday, 3 September 2011 20:00:00 UTC (1 decade ago) Kitin-Lair entrance, Almati Wood
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