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My guild has made the shift and are trying to use the built in forums for guild organization. We would like a way to better organize our information and feel that the ability to have layers of forums would be one way to do this.

To illustrate:

Forum: Lore (For discussion of Lore)
|__Forum: Kami (For all Kami Lore)
|    |__Forum: Zorai (For Discussion of Kami/Zorai Lore and issues)
|    |__Forum: Tryker (For Discussion of Kami/Tryker)
|__Forum: Flora/Fauna (For discussion and recording observations of Plants and Animals of Atys)
     |__Forum: Flora (For Discussion of Atys Plants)
     |   |__Forum: Official (Plants with Known Names)
     |   |__Forum: Unofficial (Findings of New Plants (like uninteractive ones))
     |__Forum: Fauna (For Discussion of Atys Wildlife)
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