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Guild Hall, Homin Apartment, & Additional Buildings

As for the towers... your vision of them as actual buildings that you just walk into and climb up the ramp, as in the Thesos bar, would be the best but would probably require a whole re-doing of the collision engine.

(Ever fled into a little tunnel and seen how dozens of kitin can just follow you in despite not possibly fitting in? Yeah, so this would probably happen with the towers to; in the middle of a kitin invasion the players on the top floor of the tower would soon find themselves swarmed by dozens of kitin who somehow all raced up the ramp and somehow manage to fit on the top of the tower :P)

Hence why I was thinking a mechanism more like riding your mount would probably be easier to implement. You 'enter' the tower, like you 'mount' a mektoub, and then your character just appears on top of the tower, can't move but can still cast spells and shoot guns, and can't be hit by melee attacks and possibly have some extra protection from ranged attacks.
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