Free Trial players and Death Penalty at Level 125

(Apologies if anyone saw this one coming) =)

When a subscribed player reaches level 250 in any skill, obviously further progression in that skill stops. However, when players receive death penalty, some skills are more popular than others in removing that death penalty, notably digging. A player with death penalty can still use a level 250 skill to remove that death penalty, even if it is less efficient than using a non-level 250 skill.

The situation is different for Free Trial players: when they reach the level 125 limit, they may not use any level 125 skills to remove death penalty. They only get a message that they have reached the limit for Free Trial players.

(The discussion thread is

Could either one of two things happen:

1) Adjust the behaviour so that free trial players at level 125 limit behave the same as subscribed players at level 250 with regards to removing death penalty.

- or -

2) List this behaviour in the documented differences between Free Trial players and Subscribed players.

Honestly, either option would be acceptable, though it would be nice for our Free Trial players to be able to choose the skill to use to remove death penalty the way that subscribed players can. Everyone should be encouraged to dig at all times! =)
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