Temporary Insanity

After a long debate with guild members, friends in both factions and the friendly CSR team, we would like to announce, we are giving the following outposts back to the karavan faction, Ginti Workshop and Fearing fen farm, this is to keep the balance of outposts.

The guild leaders of those karavan guilds will be contacted ASAP to disscuss the transfer. Sorry for any harm that we caused to the community by owning 3 outposts in karavan lands, but as a guild we offer no apologies for pvping and having fun doing it.

We also offered to return Ootn there outpost on the 27th of february, to which we have not recived an answer.

We are doing this to serve the best intrests of the game.

peace, hugs and all that stuff :)


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, you gain strength.
Through strength, you gain power.
Through power, you gain victory.
Through victory, your chains are broken.
Ma-Duk shall free you.
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