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Episode 3: At the Edge of Darkness

@ Erizon! - yah that sounds about right - one Kirosta less! I'm not a digger and have had many try to influence me into it - but im toooo lazy lol. But originally back in time with my other main, we went through PR simply to collect the TP's - back then there were not faction Tp's so you could calmly get em all anywhere. (saying that there were only like 3 or 4 Master melee or ele on the whole server so lvl 200+ mobs were a bit tough anyway lol - easy TP's were very much needed!). Once starting with Twina though, I had to start from scratch and then just ran through everywhere solo grabbing my Kara tp's. Now digging I might have found boring - but running solo TP to TP was one of the highlights on returning to Atys.

Can't back my firewalls down atm to download arghhhh! Best get it sorted in the next few days - getting itchy to ride Vorkoo haha....
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