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Episode 3: At the Edge of Darkness

A day or so ago, I was with a couple of people in Underspring, and we happened to walk into the middle point of two patrols. At least there was one less Kirosta by the end of it =)

When I started at the end of 2006, there was no KP. Boy howdy was it a surprise when friends and I came back recently to work on some PR digging skills =)

I'd say, then, that PR now is a good compromise between what you remember and what I remember. It's not a cakewalk like the surface, but it's also not impossible either.

Though I love the Lakes, I do agree that a couple of zones could use a hair fewer aggro spawns ... but not too many, lest they lose their charm. And what isn't charming about Fijoo coming to give you a hug, right? =D
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