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Episode 3: At the Edge of Darkness

Hmmm. I agree Ryzom might appear difficult to a new player. But it isn't really once you figure it out. There are always ways to level up solo - more time consuming but it is possible. Only when you are hitting 150+ do you really need team work. I do think it could actually be made harder for higher levels - at least once there is a larger influx of Homins.

My advice to any newish player would be this: always level Speed spell combined with protection spells either Inv or Melee Shield for example - this should normally give you enough time to shake off mobs and survive. It just becomes part of your daily routine (or in my case it used to be used non-stop haha).

More story input and new content can only be good. Just hope I get time this week to download Ryzom once again. Been a long time hehe.

And to any new diggers - I remember back in the old days (around 2005) when going through PR and Abyss etc was near on impossible without an army - used to be huge almost unavoidable patrols - even great timing would result into a fight (or more often than not party wipe lol). Now you can walk throughout them solo and survive - good use of speed and protection spells essential ofc!
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