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Episode 3: At the Edge of Darkness

Not quite, Kaly. The lair is indeed mostly good for getting dp, I rarely if ever go there without ending up with a decent dose of the stuff :)
And the KP was toned down, with a lower aggro range. They were I still feel too much, not maybe their existence but their strength and range.

I'm talking here about the balance between zones. Relatively speaking, the low level zones (especially Verdant Heights, Haven of Purity and Frahar Towers) are far harder than some other zones like Void and Fount.

Heck, hardly anyone goes into Bounty Beaches even at master level because it's considered too dangerous in places (same with parts of Enchanted Isle and elsewhere).

Of course over time everything seems to get easier, which I keep telling people. Not only do we gain experience about the world around us, allowing us to more easily avoid the worst areas, but we gain strength and striking power, so we can more readily both survive and fight our way through trouble.
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