Episode 3: At the Edge of Darkness

Sounds exciting! Just hope the game won't get too much harder, as then you can expect me to no longer consider subbing... I trust the devs to do it right though :)

in fact it probably should be made harder as it's rather too much of a cakewalk at present, especially in some of the high level zones (thus the low level zones are likely about as hard as they should be for low level players, but some of the higher level zones could be made harder, or even higher level, harder, zones introduced that remain a challenge to players even at multiple master level).

I agree with you actually. I think everyone should be able to attack an equally challenging target for all players depending on the region level it's in. What I meant to say in my last post was that i wouldn't want to sub if it was very hard, not "harder". My bad loll
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