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Episode 3: At the Edge of Darkness

As is told and remembered by those who came first, contemporary history of hominkind began with the influx of refugees from the wilderness. In history's first episode, the refugees gathered and were forced to defend their new homes from an enemy of old, the Kitins. And just when all seemed calm, a new threat of Marauders entered the world of Atys.

The second episode of recent history saw homins building great temples in honor of their gods. The Marauders tried to claim the lands of homins and the Kitins again threatened the lands as they moved into an old, forgotten, lair. Bravely working together, homins largely kept them at bay by building guard towers that would keep their nations safe, only to be later divided by conflicts between the races. But as this episode draws to a close, another begins...

Because now, a new shadow looms over Atys. The Kitins are rebuilding their lair and the arrival of a Queen seems imminent, making terrible memories of the Great Swarming resurface. The Marauders appear unrelenting in their efforts to claim a home for themselves. The corruption brought by the Goo might very well change the face of Atys forever.

The ever-evolving story of the living planet Atys moves into its next episode. No homin, creature or plant will be safe. The threats are real and the storm is building. How will you respond? The Saga continues in Episode 3: At the Edge of Darkness.


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