Apparently, the interface is sorely confusing for newcomers

"How do I get out of this annoying first person view?"

The mouse-wheel zoom/unzoom is common among games. The first thing I do when visiting a new game is scroll the mouse wheel to zoom out and see more of what's going on. Some games reverse the direction needed, but the idea is the same.

The largest problems we face is the person who does not have the patience to read anything and the person who has had life handed to him or her. I've played both games extensively, and Ryzom is a more complex game than WoW, and in many ways much harder. For example, failure is a real option in Ryzom (ie: crafting). WoW, and almost every other game and even society today (at least in the US, and maybe other countries), tries to make sure you never really fail at something.

If the person playing the game doesn't have the patience to read the information presented, or isn't willing to accept the fact that he or she is not THE hero and cannot fail, there's nothing we or the devs can do to change that.
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