Apparently, the interface is sorely confusing for newcomers

Ok, I just spent ten minutes typing out a reply and it was replaced by the quote when I sent it (?!). Now that's weird.
I won't be typing it out again, so I'm gonna be short this time. :-)

- Five minutes isn't exactly fast, I'm afraid many today's players don't have that much of an attention span. Nobody (perhaps except us geeks) wants to study their key binds instead of playing the game.

- Ryzom controls are rather different from other MMOs. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it should be taken into consideration when trying to attract new players. I don't know if you've been to Silan lately, but there's literally several players each day asking "How do I get out of this annoying first person view?" That's not right.

- There's this Help window, full of awesome tutorials. Maybe it should be open by default for new players, instead of that useless "Welcome to Atys" window. Most of players probably never find those tutorials, because nobody told them they are there.
I mean, somebody thought it's necessary to make a pop-up warning players that "There is a night on Atys", but nobody thought of a pop-up saying "Go run your tutorials, it's a good for you"?

- Also, it might be a good idea to rename "Other 1" keyset to "WoW keyboard layout". There's no obvious way to switch between those premade keyboard layouts later, and most people will probably pick "WASD", not knowing that "Other 1" is much more familiar to what they're used to. Just sayin'.
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