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Xp Tracking bar

I always track XP and this is not to watch the grass grow...

Few examples :

- When you hunt alone, you get a regen of your stats every time you level up.
So this is very usefull to track XP to anticipate this regeneration when you don't have a healer with you.
You can spare the use of auto-regen and keep it for later, or you can fight two creatures at the same time, knowing that you'll get a regen after the first kill.
This is conveniant when you're hunting flora, if two plants are too close you can keep them for that "level up" moment.

- When you craft, if you miss let's say 100xp to finish a level, you can use lower quality mats to level up and spare your better mats. Because when you level up you get only the xp you miss to finish the level. Crafting a 2000xp worth item is useless as 1900xp will be lost in the cyber void. So crafting a 200xp worth item is enough and will give you exactly the same gain, and allow you to spare your high quality mats.
I play a kami character and always try to dig less mats as possible, and recycle crapy mats, to follow my roleplay.

These are just examples, you don't have to play that way. But some people like to play that way, and optimize their actions to be more efficient or follow their RP.


Kaléan McFerty
Pirate of the Lakes
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