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Xp Tracking bar

there's several kids already asking for an exp bar, without realising you'd need 63 of them on screen.
Refreshing difference here, asking to be able to select a specific skill to track, but how long until someone complains you can't track more than one?

Two ways to solve this really:
- a bar that would, by default, track the skill giving you experience at the moment.
- a "minimal" layout for skills window; much like you can switch between full-size connection window and "minimal" connection window (showing only numbers, not descriptions), you'd be able to switch between full skills window and "minimal" skills window (showing only numbers in the "XXX / YYY" format, not the sidebar with skill icons). You could then place such a window anywhere on your screen without obscuring your view.

But I agree with a general sentiment that this is pretty much an useless feature at the moment. Racing for the level cap isn't the point of this game.
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