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Fix camera freeze on turn

I have a similar problem with the camera movement, and no my machine is not having performance issues. In fact this machine is 2 generations newer than when last I played Ryzom.

All is fine if I move the mouse slowly, but if I use fast movements then it is as if the mouse acceleration go's out of whack and I spin right around (360). A huge problem when harvesting in PR.

I am suspecting Driver issues with either my "Logitech G9" mouse on Win 7 32bit or Driver problems with my Ati HD5870 on Win 7 32bit.
I kept mentioning the Win 7 32bit part because I am going to reinstall with 64bit tonight or tomorrow and then retest.

(I first thought it was because I was running in eyefinity mode on 3 screens because the fonts have a shadow that gets distorted at 5040x1050 resolution, but I switched to single screen mode and the fonts are fixed but the mouse is still a problem.)

note: i changed the mouse acceleration parameter down to 1 and there was no change.

Will let you know how the 64Bit exercise went.


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