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Monks of Polonius

Seams we need an update

Even if just to prove we are still alive.

We are now called Monks of Atys since the server merge.

Website seams not to work :(

We are a Kami guild baced in Zora and alined to the Zorai Civ.

We try to help eachother and others as and where we can. (armor/weapons/Treks/lvling/info/etc)

We have had a few new members join us recently and more are always welcome.

If interested please contact :- legalizhurb/Fenomeno/Nuno, or ask one of us if you see us running around atys.(may have to wait for an officer to be on)

We have ppl from a range of countrys, Guild chat is often in English/Spanish/Portuguese any is welcome we can usually cross any language barrier, Google can be your friend ;p


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