Temporary Insanity

Saturday Jan 09:

Today was a very Rewarding Day we completed the sweep
of all 4 Marauder Bosses for the first time. I got to tell ya it felt
great and we had a lot of fun in the process.

We Took out Pei first with not much of a trouble then Move
to Aen, which didnt put to much of a fight. Sirgio was next , this
one was very surprising and we had our doubts as we had no
really much of experience dealing with this Marauder Boss and
the Story Telling was great, he was killed with a wicked smile in
our faces and Lixie was Last. This one always gives us a bit of
trouble but in the end we persevere.

All in all was a great 2.5 hours full of excitement and fun and
we at TI would like to give thanks to our good friends from HoT
for coming along and join us. You Guys are Awesome :)

till next time.....


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