Temporary Insanity

Hello Everyone:

All of Us in TI hopes you had a great Holiday Season
and wishes you only the Best In the Coming 2010 Year

We are back on our Schedule Weekly Hunts and we
just completed our Slaughter of Pei Ziao and Aen which
dropped a couple new plans we did not have before.

We also went after Lixie this time and took her down
with a bit of an effort but we think we got her Figured out
and we hope next battles will be much easier and effective.

It was a Great Outing from TI and we all had a blast we
are very close to completing our set for Pei and Aen.

Lixie and Sirgio will take a bit longer but we will shift our
full attention to both, soon enough.

We cant wait ...


Am the Lizard King......... I can do Anything
Temporary Insanity Complaint Department Officer
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