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Eye of the Tyrancha News, Volume 2

Volume 2, Issue 07: Kitins, and Trykers, and nudity! Oh my!

You would imagine that one of the biggest and most threatening events that could possibly occur on the New Lands is a Kitin invasion. We all fear the Kitins, the Great Swarming left a trauma that will not heal for generations to come and the previous Kitin incursions in homin lands have all caused much uproar – not to mention good ol’ bikering.

So it comes as a surprise to us that a massive horde of Kitins has amassed in the Flaming Forest, possibly coming from Windy Gate, and then proceeded to swarm all over Pyr, nearly destroying the city in the process – and yet, no news of the event has been published and few homins actually know what happened in Pyr that day.

Can you smell a conspiracy already? The Eye set out to investigate the truth of the matter and it turns out that a couple of homins actually noticed the strange concentration of Kitins in Flaming Forest some days before the invasion. One of them was Temporary Insanity member Khandoma, who tried to warn others about the grave threat. But it seems like homins didn’t take her words very seriously – or should we say, perhaps a conspiracy was already in motion to silence her warnings.

According to the reports of Khandoma and Liliang the Kitins came to Pyr in great numbers and the battle to defend the city was fierce. Only after reinforcements ported into the city did they manage to finally fend them off. Karavaneers and Kamists joined forced to fight this common threat and in the end homins were victorious. And yet… no one heard anything about it.

Could it be that the Fyros began digging a bit too deep once again and ended up causing another invasion with their shady mining operations? If that’s the case, it’s only natural that they would want the truth hidden from public eyes. We’re watching you, Senators!

In other news, the Trykers are planning to host a grand trade and crafts fair in Fairhaven. The date will be decided in the next Taliari meeting and announced in all capital cities. According to Iala, the Trykers hope to attract craftsmen and suppliers of raw materials from all over Atys, as well of course as their customers. Prior to the fair, treks can be arranged to those homins who have yet to reach Fairhaven – be prepared for lots of swimming!

And finally, some hot news straight from the real estate business! It seems like landlords all over Atys at last decided to relax the law that impeded apartment owners from inviting their friends over to their homes. The law was initially put in place to prevent homins from disturbing the peace and quiet of residential neighborhoods by throwing parties of dubious nature in their flats. However the protests of more liberal homins paid off and now they are allowed to invite others into their apartments.

To celebrate this real estate victory, Ballistic Mystix leader Kilgoretrout threw a nudist party in his apartment in Fairhaven. Landlords everywhere have already started pulling their hair out.

Nudist party at Kilgore’s place.


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