[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

Eolinius sat at his desk and began to sort through his notes and papers before sending the report of the federal delegation's meeting with the Rangers to Governor Ailan.

In form the delegation had been well received by Melga Folgore, in a quiet and conventional manner. The meeting had only been marred by a blood feud between the Fyros and the Matis, who had begun to insult each other joyfully, in short, very banal.

In substance, as Eolinius had suspected, they had not learned much. The investigation into the death of Orphie Dradius, the Rangers' guide, had stalled. The Rangers had searched and scoured the kitin’s lair without finding anything else. As for the Black Dart found near Orphie's remains, the Rangers had given it to Daeronn Cegrips, the Imperial Academy's kitinology researcher, to study. He had not yet finished the analysis, but surprisingly the Rangers, or rather Melga Folgore, seemed in no hurry to find out the results and for some reason seemed uncomfortable with the subject. Eolinius suggested to his friend Azazor to speed things up if he could by using his legendary persuasion skills with the Imperial Academy, in all goodness of course.

The second subject of concern to the Governor, the tryker Tepsen, a researcher and member of the FISHES center whose amber cube was found in the kitin’s lair and about which Orphie Dradius had conveniently asked questions before his tragic descent, did not arouse more enthusiasm in Melga Folgore. Fortunately, the Rangers Zorroargh and Krill were present, who had already met Tepsen and were able to enlighten the assembly slightly about his controversial past. The only important thing to remember is that Tepsen seemed to be working on an innovative teleportation process using a potion to be poured on the body. As always, Melga Folgore remained silent about it.
Eolinius sealed his letter and hung it on an embassy Izam.

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