[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

Menthys had just finished dusting off the furniture when his master returned home. The First Seraph was obviously tired, but he also was smirking. He slipped out of his travelling clothes and left them rather carelessly on the floor, and Menthys was quick in bringing him his soft, silky gown. "Thank you, Menthys. Please bring me some wine, and put that into the wash". The young manservant quickly followed orders, while Salazar, with a yawn, sat down on his writing desk, already deep in thought. He hardly recognised Menthys returning with an amber-cut carafe and an elegant tumbler from the same material.

"Those Rangers are really in a depressing condition right now," he thought. "If they don't change that pretty soon, it will be hard to justify their support to the Karan". He grabbed the tumbler and took a deep sip, then did put it down with a sigh of relief. "Good".

He left it to the Ambassadors, Ser Nilstilar Thorec and Ser Copal Frerini to give detailed report of the meeting between the Tryker emissaries and the Rangers, but still grabbed a quill and, in his spidery, but elegant style wrote a short note to the Karan, in all humility (etc., etc.) reminding him of the last Chamber of Nobles and the agreement of further supporting the Rangers.

It hardly wasn't surprising that Daeronn Cegrips went quiet as soon as he had his hands on that Kitin stinger, of course. Cegrips was, if nothing else, an eccentric - someone either focused on his work or on food, but rarely on other homins, and most likely he had forgot at all that he should give report to the Rangers on the development of his studies. It had been foolish to give the stinger to him without communicating the decision to the other Nations, of course, but then the Rangers had always been rather lousy diplomats; one could only hope for the better. But then it would need no less than a miracle to have a soldier, a scientist, a diplomat and first of all a leader as their future fugleman.

His thoughts took a little stroll towards Azazor, the Fyros Akenak, and he chuckled. Could it really be that Azazor went to a theatrical costumier for a fake Ranger uniform, just to make an impression? Half it was pathetic, and half it was just plain silly - and in the end the main impression he left as an ill-tempered squaller. If the firehead had put a thought into it, putting away his blinders, there were many reasons for at least the Matis Ambassador for New Trykoth and a historian and academian being there, and the idea of putting pressure on the Rangers would have been the least - apart from the fact that there would have been far simpler methods to do so on someone who relies on your support.

Alas, he took another sheet of paper and started writing again.

From Salazar Caradini, Royal Academy, Yrkanis, to Euphanyx Apotheps, Imperial Academy, Pyr

My dear Serae Euphanyx,
esteemed colleague,

I recently did attend a meeting between the Rangers and emissaries of New Trykoth, where - as it is - questions were raised regarding the Kitin stinger found with the body of Orphie Dradius. As you know, the stinger was given to your fellow Imperial academian, Ser Daeronn Cegrips, for further research. As it is, it seems that the Rangers haven't heard back from him since, although they waited for a report on at least intermediate results. They did wait in vain, and as it seems didn't actually have any contact with Ser Daeronn since.

As well as you I do regard Ser Daeronn as one of the foremost researchers in Kintinology, but actually the Rangers' inability to give at least some breadcrumbs of information to the Nations' leaders - not least the Emperor as well as the Karan - placed them into a difficult position regarding the vindication of their support.

I do not have to tell you as a fellow scientist that the upkeeping of the Rangers is in our all best interest, outside of any vain effort to play politics. I would therefore urge you to approach Ser Daeronn regarding his findings, and sent a notice to the Rangers to bring them up to date. If they, in turn, could inform the Nations, it would be a big boost to their reputation - and, of course, it would corroborate the reputation and well-deserved high regard of Ser Daeronn as well as the Imperial Academy.

Cordially yours,

Salazar Caradini, R.A.Y.*
Filira Matia
Royal Historian

P.S.: Please let me know when you received this letter. Thank you.

Salazar dried the ink with some sawdust, and then handed both letters - the note to the Karan as well as the letter to Euphanyx Apotheps - to Menthys.

"Send Izams immediately. If done so, you can head to bed".

"But Filira," Menthys protested, "I have not yet taken care of the Arboretum".

"Leave that to me," replied Salazar. "make heed and hurry up".

He watched Menthys leaving, then took another swig out of his tumbler. "Well then," he thought, "all I can do now is waiting. But for now, having quenched my thirst, I should permit the flowers the same indulgence". So he stood up, grabbed the water can and gracefully moved down the steps towards to the Arboretum.

*Royal Academy of Yrkanis


Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis
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